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Since 1987, Diamond Computing Associates has provided high quality, affordable computer services. We can meet most of the needs of small and medium size businesses or individuals. Contact us, at no obligation, to discuss how we can meet your needs. Selecting one of the services shown above will lead you to more detailed descriptions and related WEB sites. While we are located in the NYC, NY area, modern technology allows us to service clients in any locale, using E-Mail, faxing, FTP and, of course, the telephone.

Our Utilities page has popular shareware apps for you to download.

Our motto is;
"We do anything anyone will pay us to do on a computer"

Scott Diamond (the principal of Diamond Computing Associates) Was awarded the prestigious honor of
Microsoft Access Most Valuable Professional for 2007 as of 4/1/2007

MVP Profile for Scott Diamond


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Ask Me Help Desk (for Computing and general help)

Utter Access (for Access and other computing Help)


 Microsoft Office Access 2007 VBA

Technical Editor for Special Edition Using Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Office Access 2007 Forms, Reports, and Queries.


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