Following are some popular and useful utilities. We provide the ability to directly download these utilities or to check out the WEB page for their publisher. Please note that these utilities are shareware (unless otherwise noted). If you decide to keep and use these utilities please register them.


These utilities are good for compressing or uncompressing files

PKZIP/UNZIP-The most popular utility from PKWARE . Use with files with a ZIP extension
After downloading follow these steps:
1) Make a new directory on your hard drive (ex: ZIP) and move the file PKZ204G.EXE into it
2) From a DOS prompt change to the directory and type PKZ204G
3) This will "explode" the file into its components
4) To unzip type in \dirname\PKUNZIP zipfile destination
PKZIP/UNZIP Version 2.04G

PKZIP For Windows Version 2.60

WINZIP-A Windows based utility that makes it easy to work with ZIP files from WINZIP
This is a self-extracting, self-installing file to uncompress and install run WINZIPxx (Where xx is 95 for 32 bit or 31 for 16 bit. Winzip has an added advantage of being able to decode MIME files.
WINZIP for Win95/NT
WINZIP for Windows 3.x

Graphics Viewers

These utilities are for viewing and working with files downloaded from the Internet

PAINT SHOP-A popular utility that provides viewing, editing and converting graphics files from JASC.
Paint Shop 5.0

THUMBSPLUS-Allows viewing, conversion and cataloging of graphics files from CERIOUS
Thumbs Plus


PIM stands for Personal Information Manager. This utility, called Corkboard is a combination of Calendar, ToDo list, Sticky Note pad and screensaver. And best of all its FREE!!! Follow the link below and check it out.



There are lots of people out that who would like to harass or otherwise attack your computer. It is foolish to go online without some extensive protection. This is especially true of people who are using broadband access (Cable or DSL) which leaves their systems open to the Internet all the time. A firewall can protect your system from outside probes. I use and recommend ZoneAlarm, which has the extra advantage of being free. I strongly suggest going to ZoneAlarm's web site and readin more about. I also suggest checking out Steve Gison's site at grc.com, which can analyze your system and show your vulnerability


Virus Scanners

These are utilities for scanning and cleaning viruses. Virus software should be updated regularly.


F-Prot Virus scanner

McAfee Scan for Windows

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