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We are making available several Microsoft Access applications that we have developed to fill different needs. These applications can be downloaded on a trial basis. Trial apps are restricted in the number of records they will accept. Registration of these apps will unlock this restriction and make the application fully functional. 

Applications can be purchased in different formats:

  1. Shareware. With this format you get a registration key to unlock the trial version. You will be able to use this application as is but will not be able to make any changes to the application. The application is contained within one file.
  2. Source Code. With this format, you get the original Access MDB file. You can then customize the app to your specific needs.
  3. Network/Custom. With this format you get the application split so that the data tables are stored in a separate file from the Forms, Reports, etc. With this format you can store the data on a network server. This format is also necessary if you wish to order customizations from us. We will be happy to provide an estimate of the cost for any custom enhancements you feel you might need.

Any purchase of applications comes with one year of e-mail based support. If you have any questions or feedback on these applications, please feel free to contact us at Diamond Computing Associates. Unless otherwise noted, these applications require Microsoft Access 2000 or 2002 (XP). Please contact us for runtime or Access 97 versions.

Application Description Shareware Cost Source Code Cost Network/Custom


This application can be used to keep records of Employees for a small to medium sized business. It tracks employees, benefits, time off and salary/promotion history. $30.00 $125.00 $50.00 (for split)

Contact us for pricing on custom enhancements

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